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We operate differently, in the sense that “YOU”, are in control of your idea. Aktiv8 will be the steering wheel as you navigate. We are a dedicated team of strategists, looking to provide you with the best website showcase for your services. Aktiv8 Pro will help draw your users in with Visuals, SEO Tools, and Beautiful Layouts.

Making Sure You're Up & Running

Web Development

What kind of website do you want to create? A personal website might have a cleaner,  simpler design, while an online store requires a different set of strategies and resources. We are here to walk you through these decisions and provide tips to help you make the best decision. You may not be a web designer or a professional coder – that’s where we come in. We facilitate the process of creating a website, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of the programming needs. In some cases we deploy a website builder streamlined and a pre-made template and themes, you can easily launch and maintain as a professional website.

Film & Video Production

IWith Aktiv8 Pro you see the difference and feel the emotion. We don’t just make effective videos – we make the video production process totally transparent and stress-free. Our video production services crew will work closely with you from start to finish, proactively communicating project updates, meeting deadlines, pitching creative ideas, and making sure you’re as excited about your video as we are. We are proud of the videos our creative team produces in-house. 

Aktiv8 Pro’s team is versatile and works with clients in many industries such as healthcare, transportation & logistics, and associations. Our happy clients reinforce our love for production and creating custom videos all the way from concept to completion. 

Promotional Videos: Promote your company’s brand the modern way with an engaging video that communicates your business model and the services or products you offer.

Training Videos: Video productions that educate and inspire will hold your audience’s attention and make viewers want to learn more. Video is the new textbook!

Conference Videos: Promote your upcoming conference to attendees, create a kick-off video that sets the bar high, or produce an onsite wrap-up video for the last day.

Motion Graphics: Every brand needs a high-energy, impactful, and entertaining motion graphics video. Time flies when your customers are watching something fun!

Photography & Editing

Our talented photographers are no strangers to the high-octane worlds of fashion, sports and beauty, but they’re equally proficient in the ‘less-sexy’ areas of e-commerce. Let this team of product photography and event photography experts artistically and strategically relay your brand’s story and deliver an enticing visual experience.

Hardware & Software

When you think about all of the hardware and software that you utilize on a daily basis, you realize that the struggle is real. Having a team that will keep things running and connected does not have to be a magic trick. It is what we call an MSP (managed services provider). We watch the technology, train your staff and provide security on all you Information technology. This is needed so that you can do what you do best… Whatever that may be…. Let us do a technology analysis and bring you up to a functional and productive level. 

Aktiv8 TV

Product and Service in the making. Having a platform to deliver content is closer than ever for us here at Aktiv8 Pro. We are working on bring a system by which you may view programming from around the world and therefore enriching your cultural experience right in your living room.  We will even strive harder to deliver more local content just as fast as it happens. So hang in there!… We are about to “BRING THE JOY”…


It is has been a dream the is now realized. Virtual Reality Programming. What would it be like to travel to any part of the world from your living room? It is no longer a fantasy, as we are preparing to deliver this type of content to our subscribers. Our R&D team have solved the mystery and soon you will be able to do things virtually that you never thought possible. 

Sense8 Sound

Hearing the best sound on the planet is what we propose to bring to you. In development as we speak is a loudspeaker technology that creates the audible magic that the movie and music industry has struggled to perfect. it going to be simple to use and most of all affordable. Our Sense8 line of loudspeakers are being kept under wraps but its something worth looking forward to. 

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Strategy and Analysis

As you go forward in business, there are many obstacles that seem to grind at you and there are other obstacles that cause you to retreat because of the lack of information and or professional expertise to guide your process. Aktiv8 Pro Business Mechanics has the right professionals and  business couchs for every brick wall that you may encounter. With the use of business intelligence, solid hard work and experience, our team will make the road straight and less taxing on you daily goals. You will definitely come out looking good…