Experiential marketing is a marketing technique that creates experiences between brands and consumers. Experiential campaigns use an activation (for example product sampling, immersive experiences, stunts, events, etc.) to bring brands to life and interact directly with the target audience.


People are now more cynical about brands than they’ve ever been. Brands are struggling to remain relevant and meaningful by simply using traditional marketing communications. It’s time for a re-think.

Brands are struggling to create significant, long-lasting impressions in this digital age. Real world experiential marketing campaigns provide an opportunity to leave an impression, intrigue and compel consumers. Campaigns can span a range of executions/techniques from live experiences, to creative sampling, roadshows, festivals, social content, digital campaigns, PR stunts, partnerships, and much more.

Experiential marketing gets to the heart of what motivates people, positioning brands as useful, interesting, relevant and desirable. The best campaigns put people first, aiming to delight, provoke, challenge, inspire, motivate and, ultimately, produce tangible results. See some examples here.

Growing numbers of marketers are allocating more budget to experiential marketing, even over advertising. More than half of chief marketers will spend at least a fifth of their budget on experiential in the near future. You can read more about the growth in experiential marketing and the acceleration in experiential spend on our blog.

It’s not all plain sailing though. Many brands have reservations about experiential marketing, as it can be uniquely challenging to execute and get results from. Some commonly cited challenges include:

  • Difficulty measuring success
  • Reach too low
  • Lack of creative ideas
  • Not well targeted
  • Doesn’t drive advocacy
  • Won’t payback/ROI

However, with the right approach, these challenges are easily overcome. We’ve recently written a myth-busting guide to experiential marketing, where real world examples can help you prove whether it’s the right choice for your brand. You can download this white paper, and more like it, in our downloads section.

Download our myth busting guide to experiential marketing, where real world examples can help you prove it’s right for your brand and how it can be an incredibly effective marketing channel.

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